Illinois State Police 100th Anniversary 2022

In 2022, the Illinois State Police will celebrate its 100th Anniversary. The ISPHF has begun planning with the Department to celebrate this monumental event.

Update on Centennial Merchandise Orders

For those who have ordered Centennial Glocks

We appreciate your patience as we work through supply chain challenges that have also impacted many other products.

Glock has NOT provided a delivery date. Once we know the delivery date, we’ll send an email update to keep you informed.

We also plan to send email updates when the guns are actually delivered to Joe for engraving, when they are ready to pick up in Centralia, and when they are shipped to specific FFLs.

Centennial Badges

Additionally, we will open sales of centennial badges for retirees as soon as we can get proofs finalized. We have been doing what we can to expedite that process, and we’ll let you know as soon as they are available to order.


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