Illinois State Police Museum

In December 2000, a small group of retired and active Illinois State Police employees with a strong commitment to preserving its history formed the Illinois State Police Heritage Foundation (ISPHF.) The Foundation registered as a not-for-profit corporation with the state and was recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a charity under Section 501(c)3 of its rules.

Museum property purchased in 2004; museum opened 2005

The first dream of the ISPHF became a reality in 2004 when property was purchased for a Museum.  A building to house exhibits and vehicles owned by the Foundation was constructed and two existing houses were renovated for use as an office and archive storage. The Museum opened to the public April 1, 2005.

Illinois State Police Museum Displays

The Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the Illinois State Police.  Inside its walls you will find an assortment of items on display including uniforms, vehicles and equipment dating back to the earliest years of the Illinois State Highway Patrol.

  • Full dark brown Auxiliary Police Uniform, Badge and Patch worn in the 1950s. Used by
    Auxiliary Officers for State Fair and for Crowd Control at the Capitol.
  • Three quarter length dark brown cloth Reefer which was worn as the Trooper uniform
    winter coat from 1954 until 1988.
  • Stars and rank insignia.
  • 1951 Ford “black and white” police car.
  • 1966 Ford “black and white” police car.
  • 1966 Ford 75th anniversary squad car.
  • John Dillinger’s Death mask.
  • 1922 Illinois Highway Patrol uniform.
  • Illinois State Police Pipes and Drums uniform.

New Museum Site Coming

The physical property of the Museum was sold in 2020 and a new site is being explored.  Fundraising efforts are underway to relocate the Museum.

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