Police Memorial Lottery Ticket Program

Police Memorial Lottery Ticket Program

The Illinois Lottery is launching its Police Memorial “Diamonds and Gold” Instant Ticket. This ticket provides 100% of its proceeds to build and maintain police memorials, hold commemorations and provide scholarships and assistance for families of fallen officers or those officers who have been injured on the job. Funds also can be used to purchase or replace bulletproof vests to be used in the line of duty.

The Police Memorial “Diamonds and Gold” Instant Ticket costs $2, and players can win up to $20,000. All the profits from the ticket will be divided evenly amongst these three foundations:

  • Chicago Police Memorial Fund
  • Illinois Police Committee Fund
  • Illinois State Police Heritage Foundation

We hope you will consider purchasing this ticket and encouraging others to do the same.

To learn more about this ticket, visit https://www.illinoislottery.com/giving-back/specialty-tickets/blue-police-memorial.

Thank you for your support of our organization as we work continue to support our officers.


About the Police Memorial Lottery Ticket Program

The Police Memorial Lottery ticket legislation was signed into law on July 30, 2018. The program provides additional funding for police memorials, equipment and safety gear, and for Gold-Star family scholarships and support.

Watch the signing ceremony video on YouTube…